Since 1997, CMRG has undergone an extensive audit known as a SSAE 18 (Statement on Standards for Attestation Enagagement No. 18)  every 12 months. SSAE 18 is an auditing standard designed to evaluate the effectiveness of a service organization. This independent audit provides a third-party opinion in areas such as quality control, operations, and management. CMRG is one of a very few TPA’s with this audit capability and remain proud of our consistent performance during these evaluations.

CMRG’s annual SSAE 18 focuses on:

  • Overall Organization and Administration
  • Computer Operations
  • Physical Security and Environmental Controls
  • Enrollment File Maintenance and Client Set-up
  • Claim Processing
  • Process of Fees and Claim Payments
  • Check Reconciliation and Report Preparation

Other Third Party Administrative Services: