Core Health Services Disease Management Program is a system of coordinated health care interventions and communications for Plan Participants who are identified with a broad spectrum of chronic illnesses.

Designed to support the physician/patient relationship and plan of care with emphasis on patient empowerment self-help strategies, provide on-going evaluation of clinical, humanistic and economic outcomes with the goal of improving the individuals overall health.

The success of any Disease Management Program hinges on the program’s ability to validate its own performance. Core Health Services Disease Management Program does that by using the software data mining tool, Sightlines™ Medical Intelligence (formerly D2Hawkeye). This powerful tool provides outcome measurement reports that track a broad spectrum of factors impacting not only the overall health plan itself but also the effectiveness of the Disease Management Program.

How does CMRG help contain health care costs?

  •  proactive intervention to prevent complications of chronic conditions
  • encourage self-care and education to implement lifestyle changes
  •  Disease Management Program evaluating individuals with chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and hypertension
  • provide support and meet the educational needs for all plan members

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