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Wellness Program

Core’s Wellness programs are customized to the needs of the client population and the goals of the Plan. Wellness programs can include a poster-a-month campaign in a break room, monthly newsletters, educational seminars, health screenings or a full-blown health fair. The overall goal of a wellness program is to educate the group as a whole to the need for life-style changes to achieve a state of wellness. Core Health Services nurses work with the Plan to develop a program that meets the needs of the group and can run claims analyses to identify the areas where changes would be beneficial.

LifeStyles Management is a program which identifies and assists individuals with known and unknown chronic illnesses. Members receive professional health care support in order to self-manage and prevent catastrophic complications. Core’s LifeStyles Management Program combines the best of On-site Health Risk Assessments, Individual Treatment Plans, Personalized Nurse Counseling and On-going Monitoring and Support.

LifeStyles Management Program consists of:
Step 1 – On-Site Health Risk Assessments
Step 2 – Individual Treatment Plans
Step 3 – Personalized Nurse Counseling
Step 4 – Ongoing Interaction and Monitoring